Domain Name Appraisal Scams

As a domain name investor you will be contacted by a number of people, some who are genuine people you should deal with and some you definitely should not. Among the “should nots” are the fraudsters who will attempt to rip you off.

One scam you may encounter is you are approached by someone who seems very keen to buy a name at an inflated price, negotiations continue for a short while and then suddenly they want you to have the name appraised, not by one of the reputable domain name appraisal companies, but some company that “their boss” insists on using, they will try to get you to pay the appraisal fee and if you do you may receive an appraisal back, but you will definitely never hear from the keen purchaser again.

They make their money on the “appraisal fee” and if you fall for it, you have been cheated out of an fee for an “appraisal” that the fraudsters have done themselves.

A variation on this is the domain owner is approached as before, but instead of being asked to go to a particular valuer, they are pointed at what seems to be a forum discussion on domain name valuers. There may be other ideas floated, but the general feeling of the forum is that one company that sells appraisal software is the best.

The victim then buys the software and, as you might expect, the crooks vanish into the web.

An interesting twist on this is that the company making the software is apparently legitimate and strenuously deny having any involvement in this, except that the scammers might be affiliates of theirs. The software company claims they are horrified and says they will kick the affiliates out of their program.

Remember, if an offer seems to good to be true, it probably is.Bruce Clement is a keen domain name investor and commentator. You are free to copy this article under the licence as long as you publish it unchanged and link either to Bruce's blog Domaining .nz at or to his hub site at

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