High Ranking Sites Directory

I've long had a few general and a couple of special purpose reciprocal web directories. I started with Search New Zealand, then added Search Me NZ and Weblinks, Weblinks was originally a restructured Search New Zealand that was intended to replace the original and Search Me was an experiment to see if formatting, web thumbs etc. would make a difference (the answer was yes, and the result was negative). In the end each directory acquired a life of its own and now exists as a resource in its own right.

Inspired by the success of the other directories I created a couple of special purpose directories, Sports Directory and Affiliate Directory to try and list information about affiliate programs available for NZ web masters. Neither of these have been either a complete success or a total failure, they pretty much limp along.

On Saturday I stumbled across an American directory that lists only Google PR 4 or better USA sites, I found this idea inspirational. All my current sites are restricted to NZ sites (or foreign sites with strong New Zealand association) only, but given the number of foreign junk sites out there always hammering on my sites submission pages I thought it would be nice to try listing only high ranking quality NZ sites and Top Ranking NZ was born. For the moment I've set the limit at PR 3 but will raise it to 4 if I discover that there is sufficient interest to make it likely to be a success at that level.

So be quick and submit your quality PR3 NZ sites before I raise the limit