Jojo CMS

A little under a year ago I briefly tried an alpha version of Jojo CMS. Today I tried out the Jojo CMS 1.0rc1 (1.0 release candidate 1) version and I'm impressed at how much it's improved. I started out building a demo site and decided after a few hours to end my testing and simply bring it live. As I'd created a number of dummy pages containing rubbish I abandoned that set-up and simply re-implemented this site in Jojo.

Although I haven't tried all of the core system and very few of the standard plug-in modules I've found a very few trivial problems with it, and most of them were in one of the three sample themes ... unfortunately it was the one that looked closest to the look I wanted for my site. Only one of these problems affected data display and that was fixed with a 1 line change. The others are trivial and mostly affect W3C validation as valid XHTML and valid CSS. These problems aren't in the Jojo code, just in an optional theme (template). Finally there are a few plug-ins that lack a description line.

I'm going to implement a couple more simple sites in the next few days and can be counted in as a happy Jojo user.

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