Truth: Pravda Lives

Remember Pravda, the newspaper of the Communist Party of The USSR? Despite its name meaning "Truth", for nearly eighty years years it was the boring parrot of whatever its totalitarian masters wanted it to say no matter how remote from truth that was.

Somehow it survived the break-up of the Soviet Union, although it did split between the hard-line communists who now run the paper edition of the newspaper and a more pro-Russian faction that created the news service. is now a tabloid website that contains Google ads and other signs of on-line capitalism, and recently published an article on a group of Americans who met for a weekend of fish-hook suspension.

The article was originally written in Russian and the quaint translation benefits from careful reading which reveals more a whiff of the old communist anti-Americanism and puritanical disapproval of western trends.

Hypocritically they purport to disapprove of the articles they publish that reveal items nobody would know about if not for sites like theirs.

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