Qassia Social Networking Link Engine

I've recently been experimenting with Qassia, a cross between blogging, social networking, a link engine and wiki. These is some preliminary notes.

What is Qassia?

Qassia is a web site where the users submit short articles, "Intel" in Qassia's terminology. Once published, the article contains a dofollow link back to one of the article author's websites.

Articles are supposed to contain information, and there is a vetting process before the article is shown. 

How Qassia Works

First you need to sign-up to Qassia. You don't need to join Qassia to read submitted content, but you do need to join to submit content.

Once you've signed up you get a profile page like this where you can have a photo and a brief biography. It also contains links to all the articles you have published on the site, and if you've told them about one of your domains , it will have a link there.

Then you need to write short articles. They can be on almost any topic. Some members concentrate on a single topic, others, including myself, write on several topics. Each article will contain one quality link to one of your websites, and can contain other "no follow" links.

After you are happy with your article, you submit it into a review queue where it is checked by 12 other Qassia members before being shown to the general public.

Now here's where the fun really starts. On the homepage of Qassia is a tag cloud. Your site won't get onto the front page of Qassia, but if you gain enough of their points, it might get onto one of the pages linked from the cloud. Qassia is currently PR5, so that's a PR4 link. You can also get links to your articles if the submit queue reviewers ranked it highly enough.

You get points in four ways I've discovered.

  • Submitting articles you wrote
  • Reviewing articles, either in the submit queue or already published ones
  • Referring people
  • Having a reciprocal link to them


I'm going to update this as I find out more.


  • Review sites in the review queue. Two reasons:
    • By reviewing anything that's ahead of your post in the queue, you get yours to the head of the queue faster
    • The points for reviewing other peoples' queued postings are high compared to the points for writing an article. Simply reviewing 30 articles will get more than writing a 900 word article.

Want to sign-up

To join Qassia, go to my profile then at the top of the page, to the left of my picture is a red "Sign up" button. Complete the form and you'll be a member.

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