Faster short distance commuting by scooter

A few years back I used to commute to work from Massey on a bus that ended up at the Britomart interchange which is about 2.5 km from the office in Parnell.

With my version of power walking I could cover the 2.5km in about 20 minutes, but I wanted something faster, and I didn't want to arrive at work covered in sweat so I took it a little slower.

There were buses I could catch to get to work but they didn't connect and were slow and erratic in rush hour traffic. What's worse they still only got me to about 800 metres from work.

My solution was to get a child's folding scooter, like the ones that were all the rage with the little ones a few years back, admittedly a sturdier than normal one with large wheels.

On flat ground you can move at about two to three times the speed of walking so I got to work in about 10 minutes without raising a sweat and if it rains I could fold it up and take it in a bus or taxi.

And when I could use it, I got a solid 10 minutes of low impact exercise, twice a day, which was good for the weight loss.

My personal experience is that they are a bit unstable, especially at speed and on rough ground, so make sure you pick one with relatively large wheels and stay very alert at all times, stones and broken paving that you wouldn't even notice on a bicycle will throw you off. Be prepared to hit the ground running.

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