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Valuing A Revenue Producing Domain Name

This is a response I gave on the Namepros forum to the question "I have a portfolio of parked domains making 10K per year, what should I sell them for" The value of your portfolio depends on who you are selling it to. If it's an experienced investor in parked domains they should have their own view of what multiplier of the revenue...
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Internationalised Domain Names

Domain names are human readable names such as that people can use to find web sites. When first defined, domain names could contain only the ASCII letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and the hyphen (-). These characters are all that English requires to create meaningful names, and served for the early days on the Internet, but since the...
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Negotiation, more than just haggling

About a year ago I received a simple inquiry through NameDrive on one of my parked generic domain names. "Are you interested in selling this domain name? If so can you please contact me" giving an ISP customer email address. That's very little information and as email is fairly inscrutable at the best of times, I didn't have an idea...
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Domain Name Appraisal Scams

As a domain name investor you will be contacted by a number of people, some who are genuine people you should deal with and some you definitely should not. Among the “should nots” are the fraudsters who will attempt to rip you off. One scam you may encounter is you are approached by someone who seems very keen to buy a name at an...
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