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Meat does more for climate change than food miles

With all the recent concern about fuel miles affecting New Zealand's meat exports to Europe by causing people to avoid buying it I was fascinated when I found this interesting report in the environment area of New Scientist magazine. "That locally-produced, free-range, organic hamburger might not be as green as you think....
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Teen uses microbes to biodegrade plastic bags

Polyethylene bags are an environmental curse because they are expected to take thousands of years to decompose, and worldwide their use is growing. In India, for example, over the last 15 years plastic bags have taken over from traditional, biodegradable or recyclable wrappings and when I visited there recently I was appalled by how much the...
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Faster short distance commuting by scooter

A few years back I used to commute to work from Massey on a bus that ended up at the Britomart interchange which is about 2.5 km from the office in Parnell. With my version of power walking I could cover the 2.5km in about 20 minutes, but I wanted something faster, and I didn't want to arrive at work covered in sweat so I took it a little...
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